Who We Are

We believe good business is a powerful force for positive change in the world.

We started with the single goal of employing and empowering the foster parents that are taking part in Mosaic Community Development’s (Mosaic’s) sustainable orphan care program. Mosaic launched its orphan care model in 2008 with the vision of creating a replicable orphan care solution for the townships of South Africa. Currently based in Ikageng (eek-uh-hang), Mosaic hopes to expand its impact into other townships of South Africa in the coming years, and will begin expanding into Cape Town in 2015.


We’ve learned first-hand that the orphan crisis facing the townships of South Africa is completely unmanageable. South Africa has approximately three million orphans, a number that is anticipated to increase drastically in the coming years. A study conducted by the South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR) estimates that by 2015, there will be more than 5.5 million orphans in South Africa, and South Africa already has more orphans per capita than any other country in the world. Typically, these orphans are taken into foster care by extended family members, neighbours, or others in their local community. The foster parents who take in these children are faced with many challenges- they are not only now parenting children who have undergone serious psychological trauma, but they instantly have to financially provide for these children as well- often while they face unemployment. This means that families are overburdened with responsibility and left without job opportunities to provide for their families. We are bridging this gap.