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South African Products.
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Celebrating the launch
of our online store in the US!

Food products available in South Africa only.

Made by Mosaic – A Bit About Us

We’re a business venture started in partnership with Mosaic, a South African non-profit organization working to implement a sustainable orphan care model in the township of Ikageng. We create jobs for the foster parents taking part in Mosaic’s orphan care program. Quality and labour-intensive product are important to us, and we manufacture a wide range of handmade goods, including food products, scarves, and leather handbags. We’re owned by an employee trust designed to benefit the people we work with. All of our proceeds go toward growing our business and supporting Mosaic’s non-profit organization. People first.

When you buy products from us, you’re helping Mosaic’s mission of creating a sustainable orphan care model in South Africa.